What about me…

I spend a great deal of trying to figure out how to do things and why other people have done certain things, so I thought by sharing I might be able to save others time and effort who have similar tasks.

 I am a technology consultant with a wide array of experience in computing, networking, security, business processes, best practices, and project management. I have worked for several small business owners as well as Fortune 500 companies in various industries ranging from Industrial Manufacturing and Telecommunications to Retail Outlets and Public Utilities. I started with Novel 3.12 and Visual Basic 4, moved to switched Cisco networks and MicroFocus Cobol talking to Oracle databases then moved on to MPLS VPNs on Juniper routers and hacking/testing smartphones. I’ve been the user, developer, architect, engineer, operator, on-call engineer, team leader, supervisor, manager, and staff manager.

 Along the way, I met up with the great folks at SANS and fell in love all over again with how things work they way they work and how I could make sure my employer / customers were kept safe from potential threats.

I obtained my first vendor certification on ‘Windows NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise’ back in 1997 and my Cisco CCNA expired years ago. I eventually moved on to three (3) different SANS certifications [ GCFW, GCIA, GCIH ] and re-certified on the GCFW before obtaining my CISSP.

If it routes, switches, or blinks I can fix it or tell you how to go about fixing it, in most cases. I don’t talk a lot, I learn more by listening and observing.

Come on in!


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