S w a m p e d . . .

I apologize for my blog “disappearance”. I have been working with people via email on pulling Cisco IDS events into MySQL databases and getting ready for a new adventure with a new employer dealing with web firewalls.

I have spent the last several weeks trying to get my IDS/IPS 6.1.1 E2 software to not implode. We finally got access to the Cisco IDS Team, so things are moving along better now. I have taken the time to enable a few cool tricks with the new IME – similar to how IEV works with CSM. I also have a script to run with PLA to push IDS events into the IDS table for viewing inside the PLA tool – I already had a tweak to pull real-time events from the Cisco IEV database directly into a new web tab on PLA but it didn’t have any history.

More information on these will be forth coming, along with my promised info on network zoning. I also owe Steve a website or two, so those will go up as well. There will also be plenty of WAF info coming to since I’ll be spending 40+ hours a week with the technology.

As always, if there is anything else you’d like to see or if you would like some help, just drop me a line or a comment.


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