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I wanted to cover some WAF topics I haven’t seen covered much. Most WAF vendors talk about the security their product provides in terms of blocking attacks. I would like to delve into these WAF Blockings as well as mention some ideas for alternative uses for your WAF through it’s interactions with web clients.

Web Application Firewalls are interesting bits of technology. Depending on the product and deployment method you chose, they can transparently protect your web infrastructure using various protections by generating blocks when threats are identified. Depending on the product, they can Vulcan mind meld with your Apache instance, live as another F5 device in your network, take over a slot in your XBeam, or live life as a network appliance inside your datacenters.

This intelligent device COULD interact with the client in additional ways outside generating BLOCKs. Read more…


Top 4 WAF Protections

The traditional network security approach to securing your web servers and database servers is more than likely going to get you in trouble some day. Think about it. Network Security preaches deny everything and permit only what you need. Great, open up port 443 and send encrypted traffic to your web server. KaBOOM gotcha!

Think about your Web Application Firewall and the reasons for your investment in web application security.
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