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Governator Terminates Data Protection Law

I love the Terminator movies, Arnold is great in them. (No flames please!)

He apparently has some savvy advisers who have flexed their political and technical muscle in a way similar to Arnold’s physical: see Governor Kills California Data Protection Law. I find this line of logic amazing, especially given that Arnold is supposed to be some dumb jock elected Governor of California:

However, the current version of the bill, Schwarzenegger said, “attempts to legislate in an area where the marketplace has already assigned responsibilities and liabilities that provide for the protection of consumers. In addition, the Payment Card Industry has already established minimum data security standards when storing, processing, or transmitting credit or debit cardholder information.”

The governor argued that “the industry”—presumably a reference to credit card companies and the PCI Council—is in a better position to know what is realistic and reasonable for credit card security.” Also, he said, signing such a bill could actually create a conflict.

“This industry has the contractual ability to mandate the use of these standards, and is in a superior position to ensure that these standards keep up with changes in technology and the marketplace,” he said. “This measure creates the potential for California law to be in conflict with private sector data security standards.”   —eWeek / Security Focus

I know security experts that couldn’t come up with the logic behind that statement. I’m not a fan of legislating everything and I think what the Payment Card Industry is doing with Data Security is great, if significantly late to the game.

The major problem I have with the PCI DSS requirements is the subjectiveness of assessment, audit, and enforcement. If the PCI DSS actually had teeth, then the breaches we read about would be less likely to occur because of the financial impact associated, For instance, when a merchant can’t process credit cards due to noncompliance with the PCI DSS, they would signficantly more interested in complying with PCI DSS.

Go Arnold!!!