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iPhone: Hacker’s Choice Award

Techie-type folks have been using MAC PowerBooks for years because OS X gives them access to a UNIX operating system and a very functional GUI in a secure little package.

It seems logical the iPhone would make a great penetration testing or security assessment tool and if the good guys use them, it stands to reason the bad guys are too! Why couldn’t the iPhone be a hacker’s choice for mobile hacking platforms?

Except for Windows Mobile, most phone operating systems are unique to the manufacturer. The underlying firmware is often ARM-based but the popularity of hacking ARM devices isn’t there. This uniqueness is one of the major reasons why cellular phones have not seen the same level of malware target them that targets PCs, to date. The iPhone brings to the hacker a mobile UNIX hacking platform much more discrete than those shiny PowerBooks or plastic looking iBooks. It definitely costs less than a PowerBook or an iBook; granted it doesn’t have the same processor, RAM, or hard disk capacity, but attack code created on the iPhone and the ability to hack other ARM-based devices from the iPhone could open the doors for new attacks on existing mobile devices.

More hacking info over at Metasploit, one of my favorite penetration testing tools, and over at TUAW.