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iPhone: Hacker Friendly

When Apple unveiled the new iPhone, hackers, crackers, marketing types, and media outlets alike salivated; oh techno-enthusiasts aka customers too!

It is no surprise that the iPhone has been center of numerous attempts to crack, hack, subvert, reverse engineer, and otherwise decipher the software, hardware, architecture, and interfaces. After all the iPhone represents the greatest advancement in phone technology since… hmm, I’ll have to get back to you on that one. 

Steve Jobs is quoted in a Fortune magazine articleas saying that the iPhone will change the phone industry and I think he’s right but I don’t think it has changed in the way he is intending. The hype and appeal over the iPhone is amazing. Security “experts” have been saying for years that mobile devices aka cell phones are the next hacking platform and these new mobile viruses (virii — eek!) could disrupt or disable entire cellular networks.  The iPhone introduces a new twist to the mobile malware argument because the underlying operating system in this case is universally available and accessible. The cute, sophisticated, secure operating system found on those impressive 24″ iMacs, dual-core Intel PowerBook Pros, and amazing MAC servers is at the heart of the iPhone.

The bugs, flaws, exploits, and vulnerabilities of MAC OS X have always been minimized or defeated because MAC OS X doesn’t run everything as the Administrator like Microsoft Windows, according to Apple website on MAC OS X Security Architecture:

Many people find that Windows-based PCs are unusable unless they use the admin account, which exposes their PCs to attack. The Mac OS X default configuration, in contrast, guards against shady characters who could so easily take control of your system. 

eWeek reported the iPhone apparently runs every program and process with root or Administrator privileges, based on information posted on the Metasploit Official Blog (Metasploit Project).The iPhones apparently mimic the simplicity Microsoft Windows versions enjoyed for years: run everything as Administrator or Super-user.  Who says Bill Gates’ investment in Apple isn’t paying off!

Now the iPhone can make even more headlines!