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Leaking at the speed of light

I read in disbelief: “Details are emerging of security leaks at the White House which have shut down an internet spying operation that had successfully cracked al-Qaeda’s computers… Within an hour of the publicity al-Qaeda’s intranet was taken offline.”

An organization formed to study and report on terrorist activities, Site Institute, accessed al-Qaeda’s intranet and obtained the recent Bin Laden video before it was released to the press. Somehow screenshots of this intranet found their way to Fox News and other news organizations and shortly thereafter the intranet was shutdown. Way to go!!!

“Techniques that took years to develop are now ineffective and worthless,” Rita Katz, Site’s founder, told the Washington Post. “The US government was responsible for the leak of this document.”  — VNUNet

Newsflash: the bad guys have cable and satellite tv too!